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Camera Equipment Insurance 101: What You May Not Know

Whether you are an amateur, a professional photographer, or you use a camera as part of another business (such as a realtor or blogger), it’s important to have camera equipment insurance.

Most people who dive into photography as a hobby or part-time business have at least $3000–$5000 in camera equipment. Full-time professional photographers may carry equipment worth even more.

It’s not cheap to replace camera equipment if it becomes lost or broken, which is why you should carry camera equipment insurance. However, before you purchase coverage, here are a few things you may not know about this type of policy.

Your Homeowner’s Policy May Not Cover Camera Equipment If You Generate Income

A lot of people are under the mistaken impression that their camera gear is covered under their homeowner’s policy.

For most hobbyists, this may be true.

However, if 50% or more of your annual income comes from photography, or if you regularly use your camera equipment as part of your business, your homeowner’s policy won’t cover your equipment.

Additionally, making multiple claims on your homeowner’s policy may cause your homeowner’s policy to be cancelled. Separate insurance for your camera equipment protects both your gear and your homeowner’s policy.

Professional Photography Associations Charge You Membership Fees in Addition to Insurance

Most professional photography associations offer members an opportunity to sign up for insurance. This insurance is usually cheaper because you're part of a group acquiring insurance in bulk, directly from a carrier. The result is lower individual premiums.

But what if we told you that you don’t need to purchase an association membership to get the same benefits? Full Frame Insurance gives you the same low individual premiums, and, in many cases, our insurance is even more affordable and comprehensive.

We can do this because all of our clients are also part of a large purchasing group. This is why we love referrals, so share the good news with your fellow photographers.

Most Camera Equipment Insurance Providers Only Cover Professionals

If you’ve shopped around for camera equipment insurance, you may be stunned to discover that most insurance companies offering photography insurance only sell to professional photographers.

That might not include you if you are a freelancer with just a few assignments each year, or if you are a blogger who uses photography equipment to take pictures for your blog. Maybe you are asked to cover a few weddings of friends and family each year and don’t really qualify as a full-time professional photographer.

If you fall under these categories, that’s okay. Full Frame Insurance is geared specifically for photographers just like you.

While we can cover many professional photographers, Full Frame understands the insurance needs of small business owners and hobbyist photographers are just as important, and we have a program that fits you and your budget.

Full Frame Insurance Offer Scalable Camera Equipment Insurance

There’s no need to purchase too much insurance or go without enough insurance with the many options Full Frame offers. If you purchase additional equipment, you can always choose to increase your coverage at any time.

Full Frame camera equipment insurance can be added to any Full Frame annual general liability policy. This way, not only is your equipment insured, but you are covered in the case of accidents or property damage. Purchase a Full Frame insurance policy today! Click here to purchase.