Photographer Insurance

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  • Camera equipment insurance starting at $1,000 per item, $5,000 in total
  • $2 million total coverage for general liability, $1 million per occurrence
  • 1–3 day event policies for short-term coverage
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Do Travel Photographers Need Liability Insurance?

For travel photographers the entire world is a studio. From weddings on tropical islands to family photo shoots at majestic mountain ranges, your job takes you to some truly incredible places. Your job is not without risk, though. If an accident occurs during a photoshoot, you could face thousands of dollars or more in claims. Full Frame’s travel photographer insurance provides the high-quality, low-cost coverage you need—including general liability, camera equipment insurance, and more—to protect your businesses from the cost of claims.

Landscape Photographer Insurance

Landscape photographers play an important role in documenting the world we live in. Whether from urban encroachment or natural events like earthquakes and tsunamis, the work of landscape photographers tell the ever-changing stories of the places we live. Such work is not without risk, though. Accidents can cause bodily injury, property damage, and even equipment loss. Full Frame’s travel photographer insurance provides comprehensive coverage to protect your landscape photography business from the cost of claims.


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Wildlife Photographer Insurance

Wildlife photographers face incredible risks as they travel the world to capture the beauty of our world and the life it provides. Often equipped with specialized equipment in a variety of climates and landscapes, wildlife photographers face a unique set of risks that could cost thousands of dollars or more should an accident occur on the job. With travel photographer insurance, you can protect your wildlife photography business with up to $2 million in coverage for general liability and a variety of customizable camera equipment insurance options to fit your individual coverage needs.


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