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Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

  1. Full Frame is dedicated to making the process of purchasing insurance easy. We offer two policies; you can purchase one day photography insurance here or an annual policy here. You will be directed to our short 4-step application where we will get to know a little bit more about your business, and it is there you can opt-in to purchase camera equipment insurance.
  1. Your insurance policy will go into effect immediately after your payment online is verified, or on the date you select your coverage to start. Once we have received payment verification, you can view and print your insurance certificate, add additional insureds, and manage your account online 24/7.
  1. All our policies are 100% fully earned, which means there are no refunds.
  1. Full Frame Insurance makes it easy to see whether you qualify for coverage.

    Full Frame Insurance is designed for individuals, small businesses, or companies in the photography or videography industry. If you are a photographer or videographer and make less than $200,000 and meet the qualifications outlined below, you qualify. If your gross sales are over $200,000 please contact us for additional options for your business.

    • Anyone currently, or in the past, that has performed any work that would be viewed as adult material
    • Anyone currently, or in the past, that has performed any work that would be considered paparazzi
    • Any insured that has had any complaints, claims or lawsuits in the past 5 years involving matters of privacy breach, identity theft, libel, or other personal or advertising issues
    • Any insured that has had any claims exceeding $5,000

    If you have a question on whether or not your photography or videography business qualifies, just give us a call or use our contact form to send us a message and we will get back to you within 24 business hours.

  1. Yes. Just log into your account on the website and you will be able to print off your certificates within minutes.
  1. An additional insured is a person or organization that is added to your insurance policy by endorsement and this is a common request. When you add someone to your policy as an additional insured, you are extending your policy coverages to protect the additional insured from a lawsuit that was caused by your negligence. You are not at risk for their operations when you add them as an additional insured.
  1. Yes. If you purchase an annual policy with Full Frame, you can purchase one additional insured for $15 or an unlimited number of additional insureds for $30. If you purchase an event policy, you can purchase unlimited additional insureds for $5.
  1. If your additional insured just requires their name and address to be added, you can add the additional insured to your policy yourself. Just log into your account on the website. Under the policy screen, click ‘Add Additional Insured’. Fill in the required information and you will be able to print off your certificates within minutes.

    If your additional insured requires you to list additional information on the policy other than their name or address, you will need to send us an email at with the exact language required on the policy. We will add your additional insured to your policy and send you the proof of insurance. Please give Full Frame 24 business hours to respond.

    Send us an email if you need to change the information on any additional insured you have added to your policy.
  1. A certificate of liability insurance is an outline of insurance coverages which many venues require.
  1. Many venues require professional photographers and videographers to present a certificate of liability insurance before allowing you to shoot on location..

    Entities who may require you to provide a certificate of liability insurance:
    • National or state parks
    • County parks or recreation areas
    • Sports arenas, expo centers, or event venues
    • Privately held company property such as large hotels
    Full Frame Insurance allows you to download and print your certificate of liability insurance upon purchase. You may have to include it as part of your permit applications. With Full Frame, you can download your certificate of liability insurance on your mobile phone and have it with you everywhere you go.

Renewal FAQ

  1. No, your policy does not automatically renew unless you opt-in to Full Frame’s easy renewal system.

    You may choose to opt-in to EZ Renew, Full Frame’s auto-renewal system during the checkout process or anytime after purchasing your policy. To enroll after purchase, click the “My Policy” button in your dashboard. If you choose not to enroll, your policy will not automatically renew.
  1. To renew your policy, login to your online account. Click on “My Policies” then click the “Renew” button next to your expiring policy number. The “Renew” button will only be available within 30 days of your policy expiration date. Click that button and follow directions provided to you.
  1. Yes, you will receive reminders to renew your policy. Automatic reminders are emailed to you 30 days, 15 days, and 1 day before your policy expires.


  • 1–3 Days Policy Options
  • General Liability
    (Does not include product liability, property, or equipment insurance)
  • Personal and Advertising Injury


  • General Liability
  • Product Liability
  • Add Ons Available
    (Equipment Insurance)
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