Special Event
Photographer Insurance

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  • Camera equipment insurance starting at $1,000 per item, $5,000 in total
  • $2 million total coverage for general liability, $1 million per occurrence
  • 1–3 day event policies for short-term coverage
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Do Special Event Photographers Need Liability Insurance?

As a special event photographer, birthday celebrations, weddings, sports events, and more make every day an exciting adventure. Running an event photography business is risky, though. Without special event photographer insurance, you may be required to pay thousands of dollars or more for claims. Full Frame provides photographers with high-quality, low-cost coverage, including general liability, camera equipment insurance, and more that helps photographers protect their businesses from the cost of claims. Some industries we cover include but are not limited to:

Corporate Event Photographer Insurance

High-energy events can make being a corporate event photographer fun and exciting! From photographing various aspects of the event to getting those last final-moment shots, you play a critical role in telling an event’s story. That’s why you need special event photographer insurance to protect your business in case you cause or are involved in an accident during an event.


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Sports Event Photographer Insurance

Sports photographers can cover a variety of sports events, from pro of semi pro basketball games to youth track meets and everything in between. Stay in the game with Full Frame’s special event photographer insurance, designed to protect your sports photography business with general liability, camera equipment insurance, and more.


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