Broken camera lens

3 Perfect Examples Why You Need Photography Equipment Insurance

Photographers go above and beyond to get those perfect shots. They’ll put themselves in some pretty precarious situations and their cameras are the ones to pay the price if anything goes wrong. Even if you aren’t hanging from a cliff or skydiving, a camera can be just as worthless after a 6-foot fall as a 500-foot one. Granted, the damage will be a little more photo-worthy after the latter.

If you have thousands of dollars worth of cameras, lenses, and accessories that you’re using to pay the bills, if something breaks, you may be in trouble. At the least, you’ll only be out the replacement costs and that could put a financial strain on your business.

Photography equipment insurance gives you the peace of knowing that if the worst-case scenario does happen, the only thing you’ll likely have to worry about is what model camera you should buy next.

A quick search around Instagram yielded some heartbreaking images of cameras that have been called home prematurely. Let’s hope they had insurance, or they’ll be paying out of pocket.

Example 1

This poor photographer was trying to get a cool shot in a riverbank when he fell and smashed his camera lens. His photo caption ends with the plea that he’s currently taking donations for a new lens. He wouldn’t need donations if he had purchased photography equipment insurance. A simple claim could have gotten him a new lens in no time.

Example 2

This picture shows what happens when thousands of dollars worth of camera take a six-foot fall onto concrete. Unfortunately, the concrete won this round. The owner had a pretty good sense of humor about it. Pretending to put it up for sale with a “slightly modified” lens and a camera body that works great as long as you don’t turn it on.
Photography Equipment Insurance is so great because you may be paid the cash value of your equipment, the cost to repair it, or the cost of replacing it with substantially identical property. So if you have a lens that is several years old and has lost some value your coverage may help you buy a lens with similar value or to repair your original one.

Example 3

The carnage continues with this beautiful Canon meeting its end. From all the comments on this post, you can tell that a destroyed camera takes more than a physical toll. There’s a real gut-wrenching emotional toll.   If you have a photography business then broken equipment can mean more than personal harm, it can mean financial harm. Can you imagine calling up a bride a couple of weeks before her wedding to tell her that you can’t make it because your bag of camera gear fell and broke all your equipment? Not only would you be out a lot of money but she wouldn’t be exactly happy with you. Check out Full Frame Insurance to find insurance that will keep you on your feet if things take a turn for the worse.


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