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Protect Your Business with Wedding Videography Insurance

Wedding videography gives you the wonderful opportunity of capturing the beginning of a couple’s forever love story. From the ceremony down to the reception, you get to be a part of this joyous occasion.

Out of all the wedding videographers in the market, the lovely couple decided to choose you to document their very special day. However, you can’t always depend on things going smoothly at a wedding. Avoid any possible hiccups and prepare for the worst-case scenario by purchasing wedding videography insurance through Full Frame Insurance.

Read more about wedding videography insurance below.

What Types of Coverage Does Full Frame Insurance Offer Wedding Videographers?

We offer two types of coverage for wedding videographers: event insurance (a 1-3 day policy) and annual insurance (general liability with optional camera equipment coverage).

What Are The Differences Between Event Insurance and Annual Insurance?

Event insurance coverage is ideal if you film one wedding per year. If you film multiple weddings throughout the year, annual insurance offers more robust coverage and could be more beneficial depending on your business situation.

With annual wedding videography insurance you have the option to purchase camera equipment insurance to protect your valuable gear.

For more details on Full Frame’s event and annual insurance, please click here.

What Are Some Exposures Wedding Videographers Face?

Capturing a wedding video can be stressful and you might not know what you’ll face during every event. You may be held liable for damages and other costs and have no idea about them.

Consider the following scenarios:

  • A wedding guest trips over a piece of equipment and injures themselves
  • You damage the wedding cake
  • You damage property at the wedding venue

Even if you are not found negligent, the costs to defend yourself against a liability lawsuit can be quite expensive when you add up attorney fees, court costs, and much more.

Please be aware that claim scenario circumstances vary in nature and similar wedding videographer claims do not guarantee coverage.

What Are Full Frame’s Benefits?

We stand out from the competition by giving you 24/7 access to your policy documents and the convenience to print your proof of coverage.

Full Frame Insurance offers:

  • No Quote Process
  • Robust, Quality Coverage Scaled to Your Business
  • Convenient Online Purchasing
  • Instant Coverage
  • No Deductible on Liability Claims
  • Not Location Specific

What Makes Full Frame Insurance Different?

Full Frame Insurance was created with wedding videographer professionals like you in mind. We understand how much you care about your videography business and want to provide affordable liability coverage without sacrificing quality.

What If I Have Additional Questions Regarding Wedding Videography Insurance?

If you have any additional questions or concerns, you may contact us by mail, telephone, or email. Please click here for more information. We are here to help!

Videography insurance for wedding videographers is needed to stand out in the industry. You can beat the competition by coming prepared to your next pitch with your wedding videography portfolio and proof of videography insurance. Venues often require wedding videographers to carry insurance and to name them as an additional insured, which you can do on top of your policy for only $15. If you film at multiple weddings, you can purchase unlimited additional insureds for $30.

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Additional Insureds

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Additional insured status cannot be granted to a friend or co-worker as an extension of your policy. Each individual must purchase their own policy to obtain liability coverage.

A written contract, such as a venue, studio rental, or employment contract is required to add another party as additional insured.

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