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Full Frame Spotlights InMotion Albums

Full Frame Insurance is excited to announce its collaboration with InMotion Albums, which offers interactive print, digital, and video albums perfect for showcasing your clients’ special days, occasions, and milestones. Photographers and videographers who elect to be resellers for InMotion Albums can offer unique keepsakes for clients who choose their services.

What Are InMotion Albums?

InMotion Albums is an innovative company that combines high-quality print, digital, video, and sound in a photo/video album to bring memories to life. It was founded by Kristin Miller, a mom and book lover, who enjoys giving photo and video gifts to family members in person instead of “noisy social media platforms.”

“Finally, digital and print side by side. InMotion Albums are handcrafted with professional printed photography, plus your videos and digital images displayed on the album’s embedded tablet that sync to each and every page. Your digital and print memories can now be showcased together like never before."
–Kristin Miller
InMotion photo book featuring wedding photos

InMotion Albums’ beautifully crafted and innovative albums combines high-quality print, digital, video, and sound to capture a whole experience. Plus, photographers and videographers can apply for reseller status, so you can offer these albums as an add-on to your services.

It’s an ideal way to showcase your clients’ memories, work, and more, such as:

  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Vacations
  • Family reunions
  • School events (e.g., graduations, field days, and so on)
  • Corporate events
  • Professional portfolios
  • Major projects, like construction
  • Look books—and more

How InMotion Albums Work

InMotion Albums are handcrafted with professionally printed photography, with embedded videos and digital images that sync on each page. Just send your media in a simple link, and InMotion Albums takes it from there. Check out this video on how an album is made and review their user guide for video settings.

Hear what some customers have to say:

“I can’t believe how beautiful it is in person. I cried while going through it because with each page turn the video came on and it brought the moment to life. We spent so much money on our photographer and videographer. While we could enjoy the pictures we never got to enjoy the wedding video easily until now.”
“I’m so glad I got this. It’s the best way to keep my favorite photos and videos in one spot. Easy to use as well. Highly recommend.”

Outside of reselling the albums as a product, you (or your client) can save 5% on an album purchase by using FULLFRAME5 at checkout—visit InMotion Albums.


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