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5 Useful Tricks To Protect Your Camera Equipment From Harm

Broken cameras. Shattered lenses. Stolen camera bags. Is there anything more frustrating or gut wrenching than breaking or losing your gear?

The truth is equipment damage sucks. What makes it worse is that it can happen anywhere and at any time in less than a fraction of a second. If you haven’t taken measures to protect your gear, you could be kissing thousands of dollars of expensive equipment goodbye.

Luckily there are loads of fantastic products and tricks out there to help you protect your gear and provide that extra bit of assurance and peace of mind.

Use Lens Filters and Hoods

Lenses are perhaps the most fragile part of a camera. They also perhaps have the biggest impact on the quality of your photos. Damages like cracks and scratches can completely ruin a lens, and even lesser issues like dust accumulation on the lens surface can seriously affect your photography.

Lens filters are a great way to protect your lens. While many lens filters are designed to have an effect on your camera, there are also clear filters designed to simply protect your lens. Similarly, lens hoods—while primarily used for regulating light—are a simple yet effective tool to protect your lens.

Wear A Camera Strap At All Times

It sounds silly, doesn’t it? Shouldn’t it be obvious that wearing a strap protects your camera from damage? Well, yes… and no.

Wearing a camera strap is kind of like wearing a seatbelt for your camera, and unfortunately there are still people who—despite the obvious benefits—choose not to wear their seatbelt. Such is also the case with camera straps.

Of course, dropping your camera isn’t as serious as an automotive accident, but it could still cost thousands of dollars to repair or replace if it breaks, so make sure to use your camera strap… and your seatbelt too!

Store Your Gear In A Padded Bag

One of the most common times camera gear breaks is during transportation, and nothing can be more heartbreaking than opening a suitcase, backpack, or car door to find a completely useless piece of equipment.

Camera equipment bags are a great way to safely transport and store your gear. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes so it’s easy to find a bag that fits your needs. Plus some even come with useful features like locks for added protection. Here’s another good hint: avoid equipment bags that look like equipment bags as they’re often targeted by opportunistic thieves.

Keep Your Gear On Your Person

If you travel anywhere for your photography business, it’s important to keep your gear on your person at all times. Putting your gear down or leaving it unattended, even for a moment, is an open invitation to robbers and thieves and a great way to lose your expensive camera equipment.

So what’s the best way to keep your gear on you? Try traveling light and keeping everything in as few bags as possible. Strap your bags tightly to your body to avoid quick snatches and use small locks or even zip ties to keep your bags closed when you aren’t using them.

Does doing all of this look a little silly? Sure. But in the words of the photographer who once wore his bag strapped to his chest all day, “I may look like an idiot, but hey, at least I’m a safe idiot.”

Avoid Heavy Rain or Wet Environments

Unless you have a waterproof camera or protective gear, places that experience a lot of water like rainforests, beaches, or the Pacific Northwest in general, pose a particular risk for damaging your equipment (I should know, I grew up in Seattle).

Of course, it’s not always possible to completely avoid rain,and some of the best photos are taken in inclimate weather, so it’s important to make sure you’re prepared. Waterproof rain covers or sleeves are a great way to protect your camera from the rain while still enabling you to take great photos.

Protect Your Gear With Camera Equipment Insurance

Following these tips can help you keep your camera and equipment safe from damage, but when it comes to protecting your gear, there is one thing you always need to remember:

There is no 100% perfect way to protect your gear.

That’s right. Accidents can happen no matter how many precautions you take, and without camera equipment insurance, you may have to pay thousands of dollars to replace your damaged equipment.

Instead, why not take a look at Full Frame? For just $184 a year you can protect your camera gear and photography business with high-quality insurance including general liability, camera equipment insurance, and more. You can get started in minutes via our online process.

There may not be a perfect way to protect your camera equipment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have peace of mind. Protect your gear with Full Frame today!

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