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10 Low-Risk Photography Backdrops You Can Find at Home

As a photographer, you don’t need to purchase expensive and bulky backdrops. Oftentimes, the best backdrops are at an arm’s reach. To help you find the best ones to use, we put together this list of ten low-risk backdrops along with safety tips to be aware of while using the backdrops during your next photography session.

You can’t predict what will happen at each photo shoot, but you can be prepared with photographers insurance for unexpected claims. Backdrops can be a hazard and can cause injuries. Your client may hold you liable for such injuries and it’s best to be prepared with photographers insurance from Full Frame.

Read on to learn more about 10 Low-Risk Photography Backdrops You Can Find at Home.

1. Tile

Walk on over to your kitchen or bathroom. Regardless of the color or pattern of the tile, it is sure to add some eye-catching texture to your photos and bring a creative element to each one.

Safety Tip: Be sure the tile is washed and completely dry before the photo shoot. If a client accidentally slips, you may be held liable for any damages that occurred during the session.

2. Linens

Go ahead and break out the guest linen in storage—or any linen for that matter—because using linen as a backdrop creates endless possibilities. Try layering different linens for a textured effect. If you’re looking for a clean, sleek effect, use one crisp sheet. It’ll only take a few minutes to iron out the wrinkles.

3. Quilts

This household item is carefully crafted and stitched with intricate patterns to create a unique blanket. Quilts are normally large and can act as a handy photographic backdrop for multiple subjects. You can use it for portrait sessions with small families and couples at your leisure.

Safety Tip: If you are using fabric during a photo session, make sure it doesn’t bunch up on the floor and become a tripping hazard. We suggest posing your clients first and then arranging the backdrop.

4. Fur Throw Blankets

If you are aiming for soft composition in your photographs, opt for a fur throw. Fur throws are typically used for photography props, but using a fur throw as a backdrop can add depth and dimension to a photograph. You can drape the fur throw across an asymmetric-shaped sofa or lay it flat. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Safety Tip: If you are photographing a newborn, you should be aware of any potential allergies the client may have to faux fur and watch for smothering risks. You may be held liable if a negative incident occurs.

5. Shower Curtains

Does your shower curtain have a fun pattern or unique color that you love? Take down the shower curtain and turn this ordinary household item into a photo backdrop must-have. You can simply lay it out flat or add texture to your photographs by carefully folding a few sections to make an intricate design. This item can be used for small families or couples sessions as well.

Safety Tip: Make sure the shower curtain is set up properly. If it were to fall on a client, you may be held liable for any damage.

6. Rugs

Living room rugs or accent rugs can be used for so much more than just a visually appealing decoration. Make sure your backdrop stand can handle a rug because they’re a lot heavier than most backdrop materials. Use your creativity and have fun with the session.

Safety Tip: If the rug falls on top of a client, you may be held liable for any injury. Even if they bump into the backdrop stand and it collapses and falls on top of them you may be held responsible for any injuries.

7. Wrapping Paper

You probably have all kinds of wrapping paper at home. Whether it’s birthday or holiday wrapping paper, this household item can be the perfect photography backdrop for themed sessions. The pattern and shimmer can add a playful element to your photographs.

8. Wallpaper

Wallpaper is making a stylish comeback and we are loving it! The material is relatively light and should be easy to hang up on your backdrop stand. If you’re looking for pattern consistency, you should definitely look into using wallpaper as your next backdrop.

9. Streamers

Streamers can be used for more than party décor! Keep a simple composition by using one solid color or add a collective of colorful streamers for a fun-loving photo. The crimped material will add an eye-catching effect when it’s ready to be shot. Streamers are easy, cheap, and are sure to pack a visual punch for any viewer.

10. Newspaper

Looking to add a vintage feel for your next photography session? This is the time to layer on the newspaper found around the house. Take a few minutes to tape newspaper pages against the wall and start shooting. The cool thing about this backdrop choice is you will get different results each time. No newspaper is really the same, which adds to the creative, vintage styling!

Safety Tip: Newspaper can be quite slippery if left on the floor, causing a slip-and-fall hazard. Be sure to secure the backdrop so that there are no loose pieces of newspaper.

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