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$75/ year


Can you imagine how you would feel if one day you woke up to find that your camera had been stolen overnight? As a photographer, a stolen camera could have devastating financial repercussions that could cripple your small business.

Your equipment isn’t the only financially-crippling asset that can be stolen, though. Since you’ve been in business, you have accumulated a library of data—tax records, bank statements, even customers’ credit card numbers—that could cost more than a camera to restore or replace if ever stolen by cyber criminals. What’s worse, if your customers’ data were ever stolen, you could face third-party insurance claims that could ruin your small business.

With Full Frame’s cyber liability insurance, you can protect yourself from paying out of pocket costs that arise from cyber crime. For just $75, you can add a cyber liability policy to your current Full Frame coverage, ensuring that, should the need ever arise, you could have the coverage you need.

Follow the video instructions below to add cyber liability to your Full Frame coverage and get the protection you need today!

How to Add Cyber Liability 

  1. On, under the button labelled “My Account,” click on “User Dashboard” and sign into your Full Frame user account

  2. On the User Dashboard page, scroll down to the “Manage Policies” section and click on the “Change Policy Options” button

  3. Scroll down to the section titled “Cyber Coverage Options” and click on the “$100,000 cyber coverage” option.

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Purchase policy”




Cyber Liability Coverage Limits

  • Policy Limit of Insurance per enrollee
  • Aggregate Claims-Made Liability Coverages Limit of Insurance    
  • Each Enterprise Security Event Claim Limit of Insurance
  • E-Theft* Coverage Limit of Insurance


Aggregate First Party Coverages Limit of Insurance

  • Aggregate First Party Coverages Limit of Insurance
  • Crisis Management Expense Limit of Insurance
  • Fraud Response Expense Limit of Insurance                    
  • Public Relations Expense Limit of Insurance Limit of Insurance           
  • Forensic and Legal Expense Limit of Insurance
  • Extortion Loss Limit of Insurance                    
  • Retentions                    


Schedule of PCI-DSS Fines Coverage

  • Each PCI-DSS Claim    
  • Ransomware Loss Limit of Insurance
  • Social Engineering Fraud Loss Limit of Insurance                    
  • Telecommunications Theft Loss Limit of Insurance    
  • Forensic and Legal Limit of Insurance



*E-Theft is a sub-limit that provides coverage for ACH and Wire Fraud if criminals committed such fraud by gaining access to your computer system(s)




What is Cyber Liability Insurance?

Restoring or replacing data that has been lost or stolen as a result of a cyber crime can be expensive. Full Frame’s cyber liability insurance can protect your photography or videography business from paying hefty prices out of pocket should a cyber security breach ever occur within your business. 

Cyber liability insurance also covers the costs of third-party claims against your business should legal action be taken against you as a result of cyber crime.


Am I at risk from Cyber Crime?

Does your business collect or store data electronically, either online or on a computer? If the answer is yes, then you could fall victim to cyber crime. Having cyber liability insurance is a great way to make sure you are covered should a cyber security breach ever happen to your business.


What does Cyber Liability cover?

There are two sides to Full Frame’s cyber liability insurance: first-party coverage and third-party coverage. First-party coverage can protect your business from paying expenses that come directly as a result of a cyber crime taking place, like the cost of IT forensics or the price for restoring your business data.

Third-party coverage can help you pay for expenses that arise from insurance claims against your business, like the cost of legal fees should your business be sued as a result of the information that was stolen.