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3 Reasons You Need Photography Insurance

Getting photography insurancemay not seem like a top priority for you, but it's important to have protection before arriving at your next photo shoot.

Without photography business insurance, you could be held financially responsible for lawsuits and potentially lose your business. Not only does coverage protect you from financial hiccups, but it also protects your equipment and helps your business stand out from competitors.

Have we captured your attention?

Let us tell you three reasons you need photography insurance.

1. Your Equipment is Covered

You might be carrying hundreds (maybe even thousands) of dollars worth of camera equipment on a daily basis. As you transport your gear from photo shoot to photo shoot, you run the risk of your expensive equipment getting damaged or stolen. You may turn to your homeowners policy to file an equipment claim and could be in for a disappointment.

Did you know homeowners policies may exclude coverage if any portion of your annual income stems from professional photography services? According to the International Risk Management Institute (IRMI), “although homeowners insurance includes personal property coverage to help protect personal belongings, the Insurance Information Institute (III) says that homeowners insurance usually provides minimal coverage for business property at your home. Additionally, there may be less coverage or no coverage at all for business property that is away from your home.”

Our annual policy offers camera equipment insurance for a small fee as well as choosing the amount of coverage best suited for your needs. You don’t need to worry about overpaying with us or managing multiple photography insurance policies for other businesses. It’s all in one place.

2. You’re Protected From Financial Hiccups

Accidents happen. We’ve all been there.

As a photographer, you’re well-aware of the risks associated with your business. Without photography insurance you could face the strain of losses resulting from injury or property damage.

Take this example; you take family portraits at a studio and your client trips over your lighting equipment cord. Unfortunately, their ankle breaks from the fall and they blame you. We live in a litigious society, meaning they could take you to court and sue for tens of thousands of dollars. A legal ordeal such as this one would put a downer on your business.

  • And if the scare of possibly going to court isn’t enough, just think of every little thing you’ll have to pay for. Did you know the national average cost for an attorney is $225 per hour? That’s not to mention the associated legal expenses such as:Expert Witness Fees
  • Court Filing Fees
  • Plaintiff Attorney Fees
  • Legal Fees for the Defense

Even if you aren’t found liable, you are still obligated to pay for thousands of dollars in fees, and those can add up quickly.

If you’re in a legal bind, our photography insurance policy includes general liability with a $2 million limit. General liability is designed to cover bodily injury and property damage claims that you become legally obligated to pay due to your business operations.

3. Photography Insurance Makes Your Business Stand Out

You’ve worked hard to develop your business image and position yourself in the best way possible through your website and social media accounts. That’s not easy! With so many people in the photography industry, you need to put in effort to make yourself stand out.

By purchasing photography insurance, you can make your business stand out in two ways:

  1. Coverage pegs you as a true professional
  2. Our website badge can add to your credibility

With photography business insurance, you show clients and venue owners that you’re proactive and prepared, which only adds to your professionalism. Did you know many venue owners won’t even let you photograph on location unless you can add them as an additional insured? They want to ensure you’re carrying coverage and can bear the brunt of any possible lawsuits.

When you purchase coverage from Full Frame, you get exclusive access to use our online photography insurance badge and add it on your site. If you already use web badges from sites that have featured your work or if you’re part of a photographers association, then this only enhances what you’ve already got! The online badge can show clients that you’re experienced and take your job seriously.

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There you have it! You never know when you’ll face a slip-up and photography business insurance can give you the reassurance that your hard work is protected.

Photography insurance safeguards your pricey gear, protects you from financial hiccups, and makes your business stand out from competitors. We offer coverage framed for your business and an annual policy online starting from $99. Check out our Facebook page and see what fellow photogs have to say about us!


  • 1–3 Days Policy Options
  • General Liability
    (Does not include product liability, property, or equipment insurance)
  • Personal and Advertising Injury


  • General Liability
  • Product Liability
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