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Photography Rental Insurance-Why You Need It

First things first, let’s set the scene: You’ve been hired to shoot a wedding, but you’ll need to travel to do the job. After crunching the numbers, you’ve decided the best choice is to rent photography equipment at a location near the wedding venue, rather than paying to fly all of your gear with you.

While you’re shooting the wedding, the bride’s uncle moonwalks into some of your equipment and ruins it. You’re now on the hook to pay back the cost of the destroyed equipment; unless, of course, you’re carrying photography rental insurance.

Here’s another scenario: You want to photograph at the Grand Canyon. But you live in Georgia. Rather than figuring out how to get all of your gear to Arizona, you decide to rent when you get there. While out shooting, your foot slips and knocks your bag straight down a cliff and into a river bed. Big oops. Would you be willing to be on the hook for those replacement costs? You wouldn’t have to be with photography rental insurance.

What is Photography Rental Insurance?

Simply put, photography rental insurance covers your rented photography equipment and may keep you from having to pay expensive repair or replacement costs should your rented camera gear get damaged or destroyed.

Do I Need Photography Insurance?

You don’t need us to tell you how pricey photography equipment is. When the replacement or repair costs belong to equipment that’s not even your own, those costs become even harder to bear. That’s why it’s worth it for you to look into photography rental insurance.

Okay, You Have My Attention. But Where Can I Buy It?

Right here. Or here, to be exact. Don’t go buy blindly, though—let us fill you in on the details! Camera gear insurance comes as an add-on to one of FFI’s annual insurance plans. This annual plan starts at just $99/yr, and provides you with general liability insurance. (By the way, you’ll want this, too—that same moonwalk that broke your equipment may have also broken Uncle Jerry’s ankle, which means that you could also be on the receiving end of an injury lawsuit.)

When you purchase an annual plan, you have the option to add equipment coverage to your plan, thereby protecting your equipment as well as your own business assets. With an annual + equipment plan from FFI, you’ll have protected your equipment from damage and yourself from litigation.

How Much Does Photography Equipment Insurance Cost?

The cost of adding photography equipment insurance to your annual plan depends on the extent of coverage you want. Our equipment insurance costs and limits breakdown as follows:

$1,000 per item/ $5,000 aggregate

$ 55

$2,000 per item/ $20,000 aggregate

$ 130

$5,000 per item/$30,000 aggregate

$ 142

$10,000 per item/ $60,000 aggregate

$ 275

$15,000 per item/ $75,000 aggregate

$ 349

Take inventory of your equipment and its cost, and match that up with the coverage option that’s best for you. Remember, your equipment insurance is an add-on to your annual plan, so the cost of this coverage will be on top of your annual plan cost.

All told, a cost of somewhere between $55-$349 should be considerably less than what it would cost to replace equipment that gets stolen or damaged.

Partner Up With Full Frame Insurance Today!

Full Frame has coverage options to meet the many needs of photographers. Whether you’ve been in the game for years, or are just getting started, FFI has something to fit your style, business size, and budget.

Check out what your insurance options are here. You’ll find options for event plans, and annual plans. You’ll also find recommendations for you based on your specialty. Whether it be freelancing photography, wedding photography, landscape photography, or something else, FFI has a plan for you.


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